invest in yourself

We are living in a wonderful time. We have freedom of choice like no other generation before. Technology gives us possibilities our grandparents could only dream of. We can travel, we can learn our whole life, and our streets are safer than ever before…but we are not happier.

The Netherlands is plagued by an increasing stress epidemic. As many as 1 million Dutch people have burn-out complaints and half of the Netherlands have physical complaints due to stress. How is this possible?

We are limited by expectations, our own, our families, colleagues and society. We ‘’must’’ so much. Living a fast life, not taking time for ourselves, our body and mind, we are running forward forgetting to enjoy the moment. Losing our identity, losing ourselves. At happyprofitcompany we believe that everybody should be able to live his or her lives to the fullest. Not particularly by being rich and famous or having a great career, but by living a life you are choosing to live.

That is why we started anti-stress hub! Stress is the biggest limitation of our freedom so let us get rid of it! A lot of stress is caused by a lack of self-knowledge and self-regulating skills. Knowing yourself well leads to more independence, peace and creativity, less stress, better performances and relationships at work and at home.

Our approach is quite simple; knowing yourself, knowing what is good for you and doing this on a regular basis. Everything we share with you in our trainings and workshops is based on our own experience and knowledge that we gained. By sharing our knowledge, we hope to learn from you too. When you are growing, we are growing! Let’s do it! Invest in yourself. You are worth it!

Agenda 2018:
26 november: Workshop ”How well do you know yourself?”


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